Pendleton Round-Up

ThePendleton Round-Up is consistently listed as one of the top ten rodeos in the United States.  Drawing up to 50,000 people into town each fall, the Round-Up offers a unique blend of first class rodeo and Native American culture.  And each fall you will find the Pendleton Lions there cooking their famous hamburgers and hotdogs for the hungry crowd.  This event is the club's premier fund raiser. Proceeds from the Round-Up concession are used in a variety of ways throughout the year to help those in need. 

The official rodeo begins on Wednesday. However, the Lions begin concession operations on Monday and are open all week to accommodate slack events.

Our Menu

  • Lion Burger (Double Cheeseburger)
  • Cheeseburger
  • Hamburger
  • German Dog
  • Regular Hot Dog

All items served with our signature grilled onions at no extra charge.

Our hamburgers and dogs are cooked on a thick old fashioned steel grill.  This grill was once used on the battleship U.S.S. Oregon and still bears the stamp of that venerable old ship.  It was designed to cook hamburgers the old fashioned way, and it is still going strong.  We use premium hamburgers and dogs provided by Sysco, resulting in thick, juicy burgers and tender, tasty dogs.

The Lions normally cook over 1700 hamburger patties and over 500 dogs during the Round-Up. The Lions are committed to seeing that each sandwich is always of the highest quality. The Lions are also proud of the fact that even during largest crowds wait times at the Lions concession are short. Customers often find that their orders are filled before they receive their change!

Meet Leonard Buck

Lion Leonard is the official mascot of the Pendleton Lions Round Up concession.  Lion Leonard is our quality control specialist, making sure no Lion Burger gets served before its time.  Lion Leonard says, "Buy a burger or dog from the Pendleton Lions at the Round Up.  You will be getting a delicious meal to eat while watching the fabulous Pendleton Round Up.  But more importantly, you will be helping the Lions to help others in need!"

Lion Leonard was the creation of one of our oldest Lions, who, when he attended his first Pendleton Round Up, became confused when he heard that famous Round Up motto coming from the stands. To continue that tradition started long ago by a hearing impaired Lion, the first person each Round Up day to yell "Leonard Buck" at the Lions Booth order window receives a free Lion Burger!

Look for the yellow Lions concession on the south side of the Round-Up Grounds. For many rodeo fans, enjoying a Lion Burger has become a Pendleton Round-Up tradition!

See You at the Pendleton Round-Up!